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Epoxy Grout Brisbane

Epoxy Grout Services by Creative Tiling

At Creative Tiling, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch tiling solutions that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also ensure long-lasting durability. One of our specialized services is the application of epoxy grout, a superior choice for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen, our epoxy grout services provide the perfect blend of strength, resilience, and beauty.

Why Choose Epoxy Grout?

Epoxy grout is a premium option for tiling projects due to its exceptional properties. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing epoxy grout for your home or business:

Pros of Epoxy Grout:

  1. Durability: Epoxy grout is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  2. Stain Resistance: Unlike traditional cement grout, epoxy grout is non-porous and resistant to stains, ensuring your tiles look pristine for longer.
  3. Waterproof: Epoxy grout is impermeable to water, making it perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and pool surrounds.
  4. Easy Maintenance: The smooth surface of epoxy grout makes it easy to clean, reducing the buildup of mold and mildew.
  5. Color Retention: Epoxy grout maintains its color over time, even in areas exposed to harsh cleaning agents and heavy use.

Cons of Epoxy Grout:

  1. Cost: Epoxy grout is more expensive than traditional grout, with prices starting from $25 per meter.
  2. Complex Application: The installation process is more complex and requires skilled professionals to ensure a flawless finish.
  3. Setting Time: Epoxy grout has a quicker setting time, which can be challenging for inexperienced installers.

Our Epoxy Grout Services

At Creative Tiling, we use only the highest quality epoxy grouts from leading brands such as Mapei, Laticrete, and Ardex. Our team of skilled professionals is trained to handle the complexities of epoxy grout application, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Where to Use Epoxy Grout:

  • Bathrooms: Ideal for shower walls, floors, and backsplashes due to its waterproof and mold-resistant properties.
  • Kitchens: Perfect for kitchen backsplashes and countertops where spills and stains are common.
  • Outdoor Areas: Great for patios, pool surrounds, and other outdoor spaces that are exposed to the elements.


Our epoxy grout services start from $25 per meter, offering excellent value for a premium product that delivers long-lasting performance and beauty. The final cost will depend on the specific requirements of your project, including the area to be covered and the complexity of the installation.

References and More Information

We highly recommend using epoxy grout for areas that demand high durability and low maintenance. For more detailed information about the benefits of epoxy grout and to see examples of our work, please visit the following resources:

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Epoxy grout offers unmatched durability, stain resistance, and waterproofing, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial tiling projects. While it may be more expensive and complex to apply, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs. Trust Creative Tiling to deliver professional epoxy grout services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.