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Choosing the Correct Sand for Your Cement Screed

When it comes to creating the perfect cement bed screed, one critical component that often gets overlooked is the type of sand used in the mix. Sand not only affects the strength and durability of the screed but also Read more

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Cement Bed Screed: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction: Welcome to the world of cement bed screed – a fundamental aspect of flooring that ensures a level, durable surface for tiling or other finishes. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a budding construction professional, understanding how to Read more

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Falls in accessible showers -Australia

All involved parties, including architects, designers, building surveyors, access consultants, contractors, and hydraulic engineers, must be familiar with the recent updates to NCC standards and their impact. Creating accessible bathrooms presents numerous challenges, particularly in unisex facilities which require Read more

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Gregory Terrace, Clayfield

Nestled within the heart of Clayfield, this bathroom stands as a testament to creativity and ingenuity in design. It’s not just a bathroom; it’s a canvas where the owner’s vision transformed into a remarkable reality.Upon entering, your eyes are Read more

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Choosing the right specification floor screed

Screed is not the most expensive component in a flooring system, but it certainly is one of the most important. In order to avoid costly mistakes there are two major questions that need to be answered:

  1. Which screed should Read more
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Vinyl vs Tiles? Which one is better?

Title: Tiles vs. Vinyl Flooring: Unveiling the Perfect Choice for Your Space


When it comes to flooring options, the choice between tiles and vinyl can be a tough nut to crack. Each of these materials offers distinct advantages Read more

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In need of a splashback?

Kitchen splashbacks serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, protecting the walls from splashes and stains while adding a stylish touch to the space. When it comes to removing an old splashback and installing a new one, Creative Tiling techniques Read more

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Leaking Shower?

Creative tiling can play a role in addressing shower leaks by implementing innovative techniques and designs that enhance water resistance and prevent further damage. Here’s how creative tiling can help you fix the issue:

  1. Mosaic patterns: Using mosaic tiles Read more
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Tile repair and replacement

In addition to our comprehensive tiling services, Creative Tiling also specializes in building maintenance, providing expert solutions for various tiling-related issues. In a recent project at North Lakes, we successfully addressed a significant concern involving pool tiles that were Read more

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Wildash St, Southport

Creative Tiling recently completed an exceptional tile installation project at Wildash St. The team skillfully utilized a captivating selection of Spanish tiles and Turkish Travertine, ensuring a stunning and unique aesthetic. Mapei adhesives and sealants were employed throughout the Read more

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